Entering Someone's World to Obtain Valuable Insights In Latin America is More Art Than Science

There are certain considerations to conduct successful Qualitative research in Latin America. Unlike the U.S. that has dozens of large metropolitan areas, Most Latin American countries have a few cities with a large populations. For example cities such as Sao Paulo, Mexico City, or Buenos Aires are huge metropolitan areas with a large concentration of the population. Recruitment in these countries can be very tricky in order to get the right respondents. For example, if you want a person to attend a two-hour focus group at a facility in Mexico City, this often means the respondent has to take off four to five hours to attend. There are also security concerns in different countries and cities in Latin America, so it’s common for respondents of all types to have their guard up when they are invited to participate in a study. Successful recruitment takes an exhaustive recruitment process involving many different sources and contacts.

Using the right moderators will also be very important; not only does the moderator need to be  experienced, but they also need to be a proper match with the respondents in order to be able to build rapport. It’s important to note that many Latin American countries have an indirect form of communication, and unlike the U.S., telling the truth is often impolite. Understanding the cultural nuances in Latin America along with building good rapport in qualitative research is instrumental to get valuable insights. Our Qualitative Research includes:

  • Focus Groups
  • Mini-Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • In-Home Observation
  • Ethnographies
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Shop mirroring
  • In-Store Intercepts
  • Collaboration workshops
  • Pantry organization 

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These types of research can be done with virtually any target, however each target poses its list of challenges. We can design the entire project, or  adapt screeners and guides that have already been created. Our deliverables range from audios/videos in local language, to reports of all types (including video reports), transcripts in any language, or traditional presentations with findings and recommendations.

We have access to the best facilities in each country. Most of them have videostreaming capabilities so that our clients don’t need to travel if they can’t find the time or budget.


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