We swim upstream, tackle complex challenges, and make you and your research in Latin America succeed.

We are a full service market research agency that has specialized in Latin America for the past 25+ years. We understand the market, the challenges, and how to deliver successful insights on the most complex of projects. There are many things we do differently at Latin Field including very strict processes for quality control and great client service. We are available when our clients need us and we work diligently to keep their trust.

In the words of Forrest Gump, Market Research in Latin America is often seen as a “box of chocolates” because most researchers never know what they’ll get out of it. Multicultural research doesn’t have to be that way when you work with a team that embraces challenges, makes intelligent decisions, and gets the job done on time and within budget.


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We Do What We Say We're Going To Do

This seems like simple statement but it's a powerful principle that guides our work. Think of the last time you dealt with a team in Latin America that delivered on its promise on time, without excuses, and with a smile. Call us old-fashioned but the only reason we've been in business for this long is because our word means everything to us - we stand by it, we communicate constantly, and we deliver results.

We are experts in Latin America

Having worked on thousands of research projects adhering to ESOMAR's Guidelines for International Research allows us to give our clients in-depth consulting about the markets they want to tackle. Research methodologies that work in the U.S. or Europe may not necessarily work in Latin America. Whether it's finding the best way to reach a highly-sophisticated B2B segment in Brazil, or how to approach mothers with three year old children in Mexico, we know how to get it done.

We Practice Excellence Without a Big Price Tag

We've stayed in business for as long as we have because we add value. Our strategic partnerships and business model allow us to give competitive rates. We love what we do and value our client's time as well as ours. We believe that one-off projects with high margins are not a sustainable model for growth. The true value for our clients and for us is a long-term partnership.

Our Quality of Work Is Impeccable

Something that sets us apart is that every project is handled by a Latin Field Partner. We work hard because we have a personal stake in the success of your project. From careful planning, effective briefing, efficient data collection, to meticulous data validation, we manage every step of the process to achieve outstanding results.

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