Successful Market Research In Latin America’s Health Care Industry Requires Access to Gatekeepers as well as Trust From Patients and Medical Professionals

Latin Field has been a pioneer in Latin America conducting healthcare research with physicians, patients and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). We have worked in hundreds of qualitative and quantitative healthcare projects ranging from concept testing for new drugs, equipment, customer satisfaction, image, branding, etc. Reaching and successfully researching these targets requires a lot of experience, great local contacts, and proprietary internal databases including key contacts.

We understand that physicians in Latin America typically prefer F2F interviews as they tend to be very busy. We also know that there is an inherent lack of trust from physicians towards interviewers and that KOLs are usually very difficult to reach  in Latin America unless you have good contacts and relationships with gatekeepers. However with the right contacts, proper handling of the gate keepers, and the adequate amount of time, we have been very successful at reaching extremely important healthcare KOLs and patients. At Latin Field we have our own recruiters as well as a large network of physicians and healthcare associations.
Some of the research we have conducted includes (but is not limited to) the following conditions:

(These projects have involved virtually all specialties of physicians, nurses, patients and KOL’s)

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