After graduating from college and working for Tocquigny Advertising, Diego joined the Latin Field team (formerly Improdir) thirteen years ago. Today he heads all of our Latin America and U.S. operations. He has managed hundreds of projects across Latin America and the U.S. His tasks have ranged from designing research programs, to interviewing, moderating, reporting and managing research teams. He has personal contact with all of our project managers, supervisors and interviewers at all times to ensure that our client’s goals are being kept as number one priority. He often is a consultant to our international clients in the early stages of research planning to ensure that their research program can translate into Latin American markets. One of his main functions is to adapt, localize, and customize our international client’s projects in Latin America so they work well with local targets and adhere to the research objectives as well as international quality standards. Diego is involved in client relations, quality control processes, procedures and budgeting. He has a BA in Communications with a degree in Advertising concentrating in Multicultural Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin.

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